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If you’re looking for a young, talented and dedicated team your search ends here.


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It’s about making a perfect eco-system for employers and employees.


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We understand the your needs and deliver just exactly that.


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About Us

If you’re looking for a young, talented and dedicated team your search ends here.We are Mumbai based HR organization catering nationwide, across industries at strategic and operational levels.We understand your recruitment with great a deal of prominence on quality excellence, in depth search, ethical aspect and confidentiality. We not only understand your talent needs and what you expect from us, but we strive hard to fulfill them effectively and efficiently.

  • Our Background!

    We’ve been on both sides of table and truly understand what challenges employer faces and what more can a recruiter do to address them.

  • Our Projections!

    On top of all your recruitment needs, our key initiative is permanent staff recruitment for single or ongoing staffing requirements.

  • Our Current stands!

    To work towards having a loyal, happy and satisfied client base by having timely and meaningful closures.


The Strategy

  • Purpose

    To excel in recruitment services and forge stronger corporate relationships.

  • Vision

    To empower employees with right talent, candidates and employees with appropriate career advancement. We not only assure competitive edge to our clients by providing our solutions but also value the career goals of our candidates and employees.

  • Mission

    To build and foster relationship with employers, candidates and employees while maintaining quality excellence and integrity

  • Core Value

    We are about commitment, mutual respect, integrity and processes.


Why Flair Aloft

  • 1We are an experienced, dedicated and passionate team
  • 2We pay attention to every detail to ensure alignment
  • 3We pitch in for the right role and cultural fitment
  • 4We are your strategic business patners

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